Friday, June 04, 2010

Bohemian beer rules

Today while at work I took a break and headed to Petco and then BevMo.
BevMo has an amazing selection of beverages. I headed to the Italy aisle for Lambrusco. Lambrusco is a cold sparkling red wine. I had it once up in Napa with an Italian meal and am pretty much hooked.
We are going to my friend Alicia's birthday party tomorrow night and are asked to bring a beverage. So I thought I would bring two bottles of Lambrusco. Curt asked me to pick up some Grolsch for him, which I did.
While wandering around the beer aisle I saw Czechvar, which is the American version of Budvar, which is the original Budweiser from Bohemia. (My grandpa says we are Bohemian, not Czech.) So I had to buy a 6-pack. Curt and I tried it tonight (I am on my second right now) and it tastes like the real deal. We had plenty while in Prague last year. And we even brought my Grandpa one back for a Christmas gift, which we gave to him at my cousin Alison's wedding in December. (Grandpa is coming for a visit in July. So the fridge will be stocked for him. He will be happy with his Czechvar and baseball on our 42" widescreen HD TV.)

Here's Grandpa, me and Grandpa's Budvar. He saved it for a special occasion. John, my brother, is on the left.


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