Friday, April 23, 2010

It has been a long week ...

Last weekend was action packed, which was great and fun. But I didn't get much done.
This whole week was ... are we going on our European vacation or our we postponing? Things started looking up Tuesday night. Then sometime last week our car alarm started going off when we locked the car. GREAT! So I took it in Monday and I got it back Tuesday evening.
There's always a lot to do at work. But even more so right before going on vacation.
Yesterday late afternoon Mom and Fred arrived. After I got out of work I met them and Curt at McNally's for a drink. Then we got a pizza and headed home. We just lounged and watched TV, drank wine and had pizza. I, of course, got nothing done last night.
So today I had an early dentist appointment. Then home for packing, a little laundry and various things that I needed to get done. I feel pretty good.
I am ready to take my mom to Paris to celebrate her 60th, even if she is still 59. We first hit London for a few days, then off to Paris. Curt's parents, Ed and Marilyn, will meet us in Paris (to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary). We will be in Paris for a few more days and then all of us head to Amsterdam. Curt and I come home after Amsterdam. Mom and Fred go to Nice and Ed and Marilyn head to Switzerland.


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