Monday, December 28, 2009

We're just three guys holding hands ...

We are having a relaxing time in San Diego.
Yesterday took it easy (today, too). Curt and I took a walk to the Sandbar for lunch and beers and football. Curt had told me before we left for San Diego that "I need to watch a lot of football on Sunday." Curt was in his fantasy football playoffs. And he won, and this was a money league. Can't wait to see what I get ...
We took advantage of the hot tub here at the hotel. Then we got ready for dinner and went to the Firehouse--which was disappointing. The food was good. But the service was OK and the ambiance sucked--esp. with the clublike music during dinner.
After dinner we hit 7 Eleven. I got a yummy coffee drink and came back to the hotel and did some book reading. Mia got me The Girls from Ames for Christmas. It is a good read. I have many thoughts about it and will share when I have finished the book. I am about half way done.
Today Curt and I went down to Ocean Beach to walk around. We went to a place called Java Jungle for a coffee. It was an outdoor coffee shop that was also a kind of garden where you could buy plants. It was a great place to soak up the sun. After that we went down to the beach. And then hit El Rodeo for fish tacos. Normally you can eat your tacos while listening to the sound of the tattoo needle upstairs. But there was a remodel going on. So after we got our tacos we went to the beach and ate our tacos.
While walking around OB I overheard a guy behind us say, we're just three guys (or dudes) holding hands. I looked behind me and two guys were holding hands with a little boy. I thought that was pretty cute.
After that we came back to Pacific Beach (where we are staying). We headed to a bar called Lahaina Beach House for some beers and a nice view. Eventually we wandered back closer to our hotel and hit the PB Shore Club for a beer and calamari.
Then back to the hotel for a nap. Eventually we got ready for dinner and headed to the Gaslamp district. We found a nice restaurant called Blue Point. The food was so good. Man, the lobster bisque was amazing.
We came back to our hotel and stopped at the PB Alehouse to watch some football and have a nightcap (aka beer).
Now we are back at the hotel. I am ready to do some more reading and watch some Mythbusters.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds so relaxing! I love SD.
Have a safe trip home! Hugs -M

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 11:01:00 AM  

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