Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sun, sand and surf (maybe)

Curt and I had a nice Christmas Day. Had tamales about noon. About 5:30 had enchiladas, rice and beans.
During the day just lounged and watched some TV. I also finished my annual holiday read, The Stupidest Angel. And talked with our families, including our niece and nephews.
In the evening we opened the gifts under the tree. (We did stockings Christmas Eve.)
Then I watched (500) Days of Summer. Let's just say I am not a fan of Summer. Poor Tom. He is so cute--how can anyone not love him? It was a good movie. But it didn't really make me feel good. It sucks having your heart broken. I feel lucky that I haven't had to deal with those type of feelings in more than 10 years.

This morning we got on the road a little before 10 and by 6 p.m. we were in San Diego. We are staying on Pacific Beach. Even though it is dark our hotel looks to be at a good location. We are facing the ocean. We are right near a couple of restaurants.
We had dinner and beer tonight at Pacific Beach Alehouse.
I am looking forward to a few days of relaxation. It's only a little after 8, but I am tired and ready for some lounging time. Hope to get some reading in. (Got a couple of books for Christmas.) Oh, and our hotel room has Lifetime! YEA!!!


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