Sunday, September 20, 2009

2 words: pork knee

So apparently we have WiFi at our hotel ... we found out today as we were checking out. Oh well. No biggie, I guess. At least we had computers in the lobby to check e-mail and update. But still.I have uploaded our Prague photos to Facebook.Yesterday was our last full day in Prague. This afternoon we get on a train to Vienna and we meet David and Catherine for dinner.
Yesterday we went back to the Old Town Square and visited some shops Eva (tour guide) had pointed out as real souvenir shops (she said if they don't have Russian dolls they are legit). We bought a few lovely items. After that we did some more walking and a little shopping.
Then we decided to take the walk back near the castle and visit a shop where you can buy items that Carmelite nuns make and sell to support their way of life. The stuff was gorgeous. We had to be careful to not go too crazy since we have to bring that stuff back with us on a plane.
After that shopping we weren't too far from the monastery and figured we had earned a good beer. So we walked a little more and hit the monastery for another amber each. The took the amazing walk back down to our hotel.
I took a little nap and we lounged a bit. Then out for our last dinner in Prague: pork knee and pilsners. The pork was delicious, messy and greasy. But man it was good.
We had breakfast this morning and are just lounging in the lobby sipping coffee and updating and checking the World Wide Web.

Top photo is me having my monastery beer. Bottom photo is Curt posing with our final Prague supper: pork knee. Don't forget you can see all pictures here and also can read updates on our travel page and see videos.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What fantastic architecture in Prague! I just loved "the beer to go"!!!! The shop owned by the nuns sounds really terrific. Looks like the monastery beer is a favorite!
Enjoy!!!! Hugs -M

Sunday, September 20, 2009 10:11:00 AM  

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