Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2+ litres and a half chicken consumed

Well, we went to Oktoberfest last night. That was one wild party.
We got into Munich a little before 1 p.m. I found a shop to purchase my dirndl. After that we headed to the hotel.
We got to our hotel a little before 2, but we couldn't check in early. So we lounged in the lobby. I got a little worried about time and decided to get ready in the bathroom.
We got our room at 3, dumped our stuff off and headed toward Oktoberfest. I didn't realize how big it was. The beer tents are within a huge festival/carnival sort of thing.
We had tickets to the Hacker tent, which was Curt's first choice. We arrived a little after 4 and our reservation was at 4:30. It was very crowded and nuts with the lunch crowd finishing up. Our seats were in the gallery, which was less crowded and we got to look over the whole beer tent.
I finished two full litres of beer and started a third and ate almost my whole half chicken. The chicken was good. And the beer was good, too. Those mugs were so big I had to hold with both hands to drink--my hand started hurting holding that huge thing. I tried to switch to my left hand to strengthen that arm up--it was like lifting weights!
The band played fun music and for some reason a lot of American music. Ugh! They actually played Achy Breaky Heart.
Our table had a variety of nationalities at it: Americans (including a guy from Yuma, Arizona); German, Denmark, Czech, Poland ... The other Arizona guy and I got into talking. At first we got along great. He told me he was living in Spain--military and told me not to tell anyone he was military. Fine, whatever. Eventually he asked me my views on certain things and I told him and that pretty much started a fight. Jerk! If you don't want to know how someone feels about something then don't ask. Der!
Other than that we had a great and fun and crazy time. Curt shot a lot of video. And we clicked a lot of pics on our phones and the camera. You can find most pictures here. Video will be up later here.

Late this morning our friend Martin came into town and the three of us headed into Munich city center to walk around and have some lunch. It was pretty crowded. Martin said it normally wouldn't be like that on a Tuesday. Oktoberfest brings a lot of people to the area.
About 4 p.m. Curt and Martin took off to meet some people from IDG Germany (Curt works for the U.S. IDG) to attend a football (aka soccer) match. They will be sitting in a luxury box and though the game is not supposed to be that exciting they are both excited to go.
I came back to the hotel, bought some postcards, am updating the blog, going to eat and relax tonight. I didn't sleep that well last night--so I look forward to some relaxation and good sleep.
Tomorrow after breakfast the three of us will headed to Stuttgart to stay with Martin and his family and to see our other German friends.

Here is a link to the few pics we took while in Vienna.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You both look like you are having so much fun! I can't believe those HUGE beers! You are going to get carpal tunnel drinking those beers!
You look really cute in your dirndl
and your hair is perfect! Munich city is beautiful. Enjoy Martin and his family. Hugs -M

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 7:14:00 PM  

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