Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sipping my coffee

Curt took off to look for an ATM and I am back in the hotel lobby using the free Internet. And there is no one waiting. I am also having some coffee. I came down to the lobby in a short-sleeve shirt and it is a little chilly down here. Mmmm, coffee is good.
I seem to be caught up on e-mail, Facebook, even posted on Go Fit Girl! ... (But you know when it is almost 6 a.m. San Francisco time most people aren't up checking e-mail and posting on Facebook.)
Anyway, so after I logged off this morning Curt and I had free breakfast at the hotel. Man, that was no typical continental breakfast. There were hardboiled eggs, cheese, sausage, lunch meats, many kinds of bread, many jam spreads, spreadable cheese, yogurt, cereal, juices, coffee, etc. Good stuff.
After breakfast we took off over the Charles Bridge and walked around the Gardens of Paradise and around the castle (not actually in it--we will do that tomorrow on our guided tour with Eva). We stopped at a little cafe and had a beer. Then headed back down and found a cafe to have lunch. I had mixed meat (fairly spicy) with potato pancakes. I think by fairly spicy they meant paprika and such. It had a little hot spice to it, but it was more sweet. It was very good. Curt had dumplings, polenta and some meat. I can't remember the name of his plate. But it looked good. I got a little taste, and it was yummy.
Before I sign into Blogger it ain't in English. So I have to remember which button means sign in. It was the same way in Budapest. This is on the page where I sign in: Přihlaste se pomocí účtu Google.
Later Curt and I will do more walking and visit Wenceslas Square and then get dinner.
There is a bar/restaurant across the streets that seems to have free WiFi. So I hope to post some pics soon.
Add this to your bookmarks. It's where all the videos we take will be posted. Some are being posted on our travel page, too, which is also being updated occasionaly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wenceslas Square is beautiful! It is great that we were able to access the travel info too! Have a super time in Prague! Hugs -M

Thursday, September 17, 2009 7:46:00 PM  

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