Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back to the grind ... almost

First, I finally posted pics from Ronda and Chris' wedding, which Curt and I attended last weekend. I guess a week isn't too long. There are still other pics I need to post. Ahh, some day.

Friday night I had dinner with my friends Alicia and Sue. Alicia used to work with us at Onyx. We still keep in touch and try to hang out sometimes. Alicia had a June birthday so Sue and I took her out to celebrate. Alicia picked Cafe Biere, where none of us had been yet. It was a good pick. They had a huge selection of beer. I had a Czech Pilsner. I had a Risotto for dinner. That was one of the specials. It was really good.
We had a good time hanging out. We even sat outside, which was nice until the sun went down.

I got Alicia these cupcakes for dessert and to take home. Faye, a co-worker of mine, owns her own business called Sweet Citrus. She makes the best cupcakes. I think I like her minis the best. Aren't they so pretty? The owner of the restaurant loved the cupcakes and asked for the name of the bakery. I gotta get some cards from Faye--help her get some business. :)

Saturday was the norm two hours of exercise at the gym. I knew my spin teacher would give me a hard time about missing two Saturdays in a row. So I just told her, when you go out drinking the night before spin sometimes you don't make it to class.
Some house cleaning Saturday afternoon--always my favorite. Then later met Curt at McNally's for a Bloody Mary or two. Man, those things were strong. Different bartender. But still very good. My first Mary was good and had a kick to it. Curt and I got to see Tag finish his golf game on the TV. He ended up tying for 7th place today. Not a bad paycheck.

Today was a relaxing and easy morning with some coffee (which Alicia and Darren roasted for us) and some newspaper and some soccer. Curt went for a bike ride today. Afterward we headed to Ben & Nick's for a late lunch and beer. It was a perfect day to sit at the window with the breeze blowing and the warm sun. Love it.

I got to wear shorts two days in a row!!!! The weather was so nice this weekend. I wish we had better weather here. Oh well. I will take what I can get.


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