Thursday, October 02, 2008

Portland adventure and pictures

We had a great time in Portland. It makes me want to move back to Oregon so much. I have never actually lived in Portland--but Curt did. So I spent a lot of time there.
We arrived Friday night in good time. I love Southwest! (And SW now only takes CC for drinks, no cash. Interesting.) We got to the hotel, checked in and then were off to Montage for dinner with Angela. We had a good meal and fun time chatting and catching up.
Saturday morning I worked out at the hotel gym. We met Stefanie, Aaron and Alex for brunch at Kornblatt's in NW Portland--Curt's old stomping grounds. I love that neighborhood. After brunch we walked around a bit.
Then we were off to meet Craig (Curt's brother who was in town for work) and his friend Johnny for a beer at the County Cork.
After beers Curt and I headed back to the hotel for a little relaxation.
Then we got ready and headed over to Angela and Michael's to meet Lenore. She is such a good and sweet little baby. We gave Lenore all of her gifts: books, Curious George CD, tutu, knitted blanket by Aunt Ann, Berkeley tie-dye shirt and I am 72 years younger than John McCain bib. I think that is everything. Angela loved the tutu and immediately put it on her.
Micheal's mom came over about 6 to babysit and the three of us took off for the Klotter Oktoberfest party. (Michael was at his sister's watching Oregon football and met us at the party.)
The party was a blast! Great food, great beer, great band, a good time. The band was amazing. They were so versatile. We had fun eating, drinking, dancing and laughing.
Michael met us at the party. And so did Craig and Johnny.
Everyone agreed it was a great party. I told Curt that if we aren't living in Portland by the next Oktoberfest in two years (the party is every two years) that we are definitely coming back for the party.
Sunday morning Curt and I packed up and headed to Powell's. We had some coffee and pastry in the coffee shop. Curt wanted to take a walk to Portland State. So he took a walk and I looked at some books. I like to look in the literature section and children's. I found some political books in the kiddie section. Some just general and some specific for Obama and McCain. There were three McCain specific books and six Obama specific books. I read one of the McCain books, by one of his daughters. At one point she mentions how he was a POW and after he came back from the war he met and married her mom, Cindy. Hmmmm. There was a little info left out.
After Powell's we headed to Angela and Michael's for another visit. We walked around their great neighborhood and stopped at a coffee shop.
It was nice to visit with Lenore both days. And we got to see Angela all three days!
After their place we were off to the airport. We had lunch at the German restaurant Gustav's. I actually had a burger.
Since you have been so patient with my summary weekend (and any typos) you can now look at pictures.
Click for Portland pictures here.
Again, sorry we didn't get to see everyone we know in Oregon. It is tough to see everyone when you are in town not even 48 hours.


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