Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wool Beanie No. 11 done

So I finished No. 11 last night. Just 9 more to go.
I have received wool hats from Alicia and Lauren and 11 blend beanies from my friend Sue's mom's kitting group.
Penny and her mom are working on beanies for this shipment and a few others here and there said they are making some.
If you are making beanies for this shipment I need them by the last week of October. I have to mail them between Nov. 1-7.
If you don't have them to me in time they will be taking another mailing Jan. 1-7. (No mailings in December.)
We are going to send our hats to The Ships Project. If your beanies are wool please include instructions on washing and drying. I have to label all the hats with The Ships Project address and if wool, include washing/drying instructions. If they are blend beanies no instructions required. Only 100% wool beanies will go to the ground troops.
The Ships Project takes other items like, slippers, cool ties and what they call extras: jerky, lip balm, coffee, etc. If you want to send extras make sure you check on what you can send and how they want it sent. Recently people sent huge things of coffee, which don't fit in the boxes The Ships Project sends to the military.
Or you can also donate money to them to help pay for postage. The budget for postage is really small. So if you don't knit, don't want to make any hats or whatever, think about donating some money to them. That way you can help send hats and extras to the troops. There is a donate button near the bottom of this page.
Thanks to everyone who has donated/is going to donate some handmade hats.


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