Monday, July 28, 2008

Proper lid hygiene

I had an eye appointment on Saturday morning. I mentioned to my doctor about the mysterious film that develops on my contacts--but mostly my left contact. So Dr. Yokoi takes a closer look at my eyes and realizes that I have dry-eye syndrome. When you blink the tears stay on your eye about 12 seconds. When I do it the tears stay about 4-5 seconds. So I have special drops for my eyes, I have to start taking fish oil supplements and I have some foamy lid scrub, which I use in the shower as the last thing I do before I get out of the shower. So hopefully all this stuff will work.

Kinda baby shower

Sue, Mia, Lexie (Mia's daughter) and I headed to Graciela's on Saturday afternoon. Graciela lives out in Pittsburg, which is a hike. Graciela went on bed rest before we were able to have her work baby shower. So Mia, Sue and I collected money from co-workers and went shopping at Babies R Us to get Graciela and the baby (Victor or Victoria) what they need.
It was a really nice visit. Graciela looks great and beautiful. Though I know she is uncomfortable and swollen. But she is hanging in there. She will be out of the woods very soon and can have the baby. Anyway, all of us girls had a great time.

The rest of my weekend

When I got home Curt had joined some friends at Barclay's. So I headed over to hang out, too. Afterward we walked back to Angie and Joe's to hang out. Guitar Hero was brought out. I didn't play. I was so tired and didn't feel like concentrating on that. Plus I knew I would suck at it. :)

Sunday I watched some of Season 4 of The Wire. I also cleaned our very messy house. It looks so much better now.
Last night Curt and I headed to Marica's for dinner. Dad and Hilda gave us a gift certificate as a thank you for letting them stay at our place while we were in Europe. So nice of them. So we celebrated my promotion and had a nice dinner. I ate way too much. But everything was so yummy.

Now back to working for the weekend.


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