Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What we did last night

Last night we headed to Mia and Todd's (and Lexie and Coop's) house for New Year's Eve dinner. Three other couples also came. Curt and I were the only ones there without kids--which was fine. I am starting to get used to being "the childless couple." Actually, we have a lot of friends who are married and don't have kids. Anyway, enough of that ...
We had yummy appetizers: cheese, guac, my salsa, etc. Then we had fresh pasta from Market Hall. Man, fresh pasta tastes so much better than the dried stuff, hands down.
So we all hung out, had dinner. And then most of us migrated to Lexie's room for XBox karaoke. I don't normally do karaoke unless I am drunk. I have a horrible singing voice. But Lexie pleaded with me. So she and I sang "I Love Rock n Roll" together. Later one of the other kids sang "Play that Funky Music" with me. It was fun and funny. We were cracking up.
Later we played charades. Let me just say I suck at charades. Plus I got The X-Files. Man, that was a tough one. I am much better at guessing than acting them out.
We all got glasses of champagne and waited for the ball to drop. We were rewinding something on the DVR and it got stuck. So we all ran to Lexie's room to watch the ball drop. We hear Mia and Todd yelling in the front room. We run in there. They were watching the ball drop on the Spanish station. HA! (And we found out Lexie doesn't have cable in her room.)
Curt and Lexie had a bet about whether or not she could stay up until midnight. I was the holder of the 2 bucks. At midnight I handed the money over to Lexie.
Soon after that we came home. Drivers seemed OK at the time--it was about 12:15.
Funny thing was we were only planning on staying for dinner and coming home to be "safe." But we were having such a great time that we ended up staying and hanging out.

Isn't Natalia super cute? She is a beautiful little girl. Ann and Lexie in the second pic. Ann and Mia in the third pic. Curt and Ann in the fourth pic. (I wore my blue shoes. Gotta get as much use out of my pretty shoes as I can.) Last pic is Natalia again. She was mesmerized by Shrek on TV.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good photos. Cute kids! Looks like you had a great time! -Mama

Wednesday, January 02, 2008 9:48:00 AM  

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