Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm back!

I just got back a little while ago. When I walked out of the BART station Curt was waiting for me. How nice.
I had a really great visit this weekend. Thank you to all of my friends who gave me rides (Erica, Casey, Kate and Leah) and those who let me crash at their house (Erica and Casey) and all of those who came out to knitting brunch and/or came to G&D for dinner/drinks.
I got in Saturday about 2. My flight was actually early. Erica picked me up from the airport. We went back to her and Casey's place and just hung out. Then Kate came over and the 4 of us went downtown to hear a band play before the Suns game (a possible contender for Erica and Casey's wedding). Downtown was happenin'. It didn't feel like Downtown Phoenix. It felt like a real city. And the Sheraton right next to the Republic ... holy cow! Huge! Last time I was in Phx (March) there was a lot of construction going on for the hotel--but not much. So I was amazed at the progress. And thankful I am not working there anymore.
After the band we headed to Leah's parents for Ollie's first birthday party. There were lots of friends and family there. I got to see some Republic friends (Jodie and Penny) and an old Salem friend, Kaly. Saw Mike, Ellen and Edyta. Of course Robert, Leah, Ollie, Erica and Casey and Kate. Robert's sister and parents were also in town. It was nice to see them, too.
We had yummy food, then Ollie got into his cake (great pics) and then PRESENTS! There was a little doggie Penny gave him that he just loved!
Sunday just lounged in the morning. Then about noon Erica and I (Casey soon after) headed to Wildflower for knitting and brunch. Luckily we got the big table--which we filled up. Penny was there when we got there. Jen and Dave showed up, Leah, Kate, Deb, Kayla and Kayla's new little sister, Abby, and Erica's friend Linda. We ate and chatted and knitted and had a good time.
After that Leah took me home and she headed back home for family time. I got ready and then Erica, Casey and I headed to George & Dragon for dinner and drinks. Kate joined us soon after that. And Ryan also did. Ryan is an old Republic buddy of Curt's who has come out a couple of times to visit. My other friend Casey showed up with Abe. Then Jen and Hugh. Not a big crowd--but it was a good time. I got home about 12:15--rather late for me. I was so tired I never heard Erica getting ready for work this morning. And actually Leah calling at about 8 is what woke me out of a hard sleep. I was tired I guess.
Leah picked me up a little before 9 and we headed to breakfast. Third time was a charm. We tried to go to 2 differences places in downtown Phx and they were both closed. So we found a third place, which was pretty good. The service sucked--but what are you going to do?
After breakfast back to Leah and Robert's. Ollie was napping. Soon after Robert's parents and sis went to run some errands. Leah and I just hung out and then Ollie got up from his nap. He had lunch. Carrie (Leah's mom) came over. At some point all the ladies and Oliver headed to the Botanical Gardens. It was really nice. We walked around a little and had a nice visit. The strollers they had there looked like little jeeps. Ollie really liked it.
After that Leah dropped me off at the airport.
My visit was short--but it was actually pretty good. I got to see almost all of everyone I wanted to see. If I missed you I will be in town again before too long.
Thanks again to all of my friends for making my visit so much fun!
I will post a few pics now. I will post all of them later. I am tired, so maybe tomorrow.

Top pic: Ollie and Aunt Ann. Middle: Ollie and his cake. Last: Ollie and his new doggie.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a terrific visit. You got to see lots of friends. They should get Oliver in commercials!
I'd buy ANYTHING from him.Hugs -M

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 9:03:00 AM  

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