Sunday, January 27, 2008

We're home

Curt and I just got home a little while ago.
Alexa made delicious short ribs for dinner Friday night. The polenta she made was so good.
Saturday morning at about 7:30 Nick and Kelly and Nancy and Catherine showed up. They told us they called and left a voicemail. Unfortunately our cells were out of range. We figured they decided not to chance it (The weather was bad when we were driving up and we were driving during the day.) OR they started out and turned back or they started out and decided to stop at a hotel. Well, they decided not to even venture out Friday night. So they left the Bay Area about 4 a.m. and got to the cabin between 7:30 and 8. The weather was perfect for driving.
Soon after the second gang arrived Curt, Alexa, Stephan and Gabby headed to Sugar Bowl. Nancy made the rest of us a Hawaiian breakfast.
We did some lounging. Nancy, Catherine and Kelly headed out for the snow. Nick wasn't feeling well so he slept. I just watched TV and did a little knitting. Eventually Kelly came back. And then the other two came back. There was a lot of saucer sledding in the snow--not by me of course. I had my share of snow frolicking Friday night. (Oh, and I have to say Uggs are very good boots to wear in the snow. They kept my feet dry and warm.)
At about 6:30 or so we all sat down to a delicious lasagne that Gabby made. We had good wine, good food and great conversation. It was a good evening.
This morning Kelly made blueberry pancakes and we had partial Hawaiian breakfast. (Alexa, Stephan and Gabby went back to Sugar Bowl.) The rest of us packed up and headed out. Curt's and my plan was to meet Alexa at about 12:30 and head home. Alexa told us it would probably not be a good idea to come and get her--Stephan would take her home. I guess the road was pretty bad. And as we found out Friday night the Volvo doesn't do so well with hills and snow and ice.
So Curt and I headed on. At first we were wondering if we should take the chains off. We were driving on straight asphalt. But eventually we realized it was a good idea we didn't take them off. At one point we had to have them. Then we got back into slush and finally were able to take them off. Once out of the snow we were pretty much getting beaten on by major rain.
We stopped in Sacramento and had lunch and then got home about 4:30. We made really good time considering the weather.
There are guys who stand on the side of the road and will put your chains on and take them off. Talk about a miserable job. As we drove by people getting their chains on we saw a Mustang and a guy standing outside of it in shorts. So we weren't the biggest city slickers up there. WE will definitely be more prepared next time we go: 4-wheel drive and I will make sure to check that the safety kit flashlight actually has batteries.
Time to relax, shower and maybe watch a movie. Gotta mentally prepare myself for a 5-day workweek.
Here are a few pics I took from our weekend.

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Blogger Jodie said...

Wow. What a trip. That's a lot of snow. I'm glad you made it there and back safely.

We were planning a trip to Tahoe in March, but I'm not going anymore.

Monday, January 28, 2008 1:00:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That snow looks awesome! Glad that you had fun. Have a good week. -M

Monday, January 28, 2008 1:28:00 PM  

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