Monday, March 15, 2010

Booo to spring forward; yea to Arizona!

I have to say there was nothing fancy about this past weekend. But it was a great weekend. (Well, Curt and I did host a pretty awesome party ... but I wouldn't call that fancy.)
Friday night was mostly cleaning, shopping and preparing for the awesome party, which was Saturday night.
Saturday was my normal 2 hours at the gym, followed by more house cleaning and party preparing. I did take a break to join Curt for a drink at McNally's. I hadn't been there in some time and missed seeing our regular bartender, John. We promised him some tamales. So I had to deliver.
After my Bloody Mary back to the house. I did get another little break to do some knitting.
Our friends Rebecca and Cyrus are moving to Germany. I am so excited for them but am sad that they are leaving, too. So what better thing to do then send them off with a great celebration and lots of friends.
Curt and I provided the munchies (which later I realized I forgot to pull out the veggie tray or the fruit tray--dang it!) and asked guests to bring drinks. Lots of people came and I met a lot of new people--made some new friends. And also got to see old friends, too.
I think the last of the guests left about 1 a.m. I remember when 1 a.m. was early. Ha! Those days are long gone.
Here is a link to pics we took while geo-tagging.
Sunday I was awake about 7:30, which was actually 8:30. Curt and I actually did some cleaning up. Then I curled up on the couch. So between 9:30 and noon I did some lounging and napping. Not sure which wonked me out more: the time change or the party or maybe a little of both. I purposely didn't plan anything for Sunday because I normally don't do well with the time change, especially when it is spring forward.
I also caught up on some shows. About 4:30 I decided to be respectable and get out of my jammies and take a shower. About 5:30 Curt and I headed to Sushiya for dinner. We tried a few different things and all was yummy, as always.
Sunday night we lounged, Skyped with the in-laws, I chatted with my mom. And then we watched Precious. It wasn't as hard to watch as I thought. Not that it was wonderful and I enjoyed watching that poor girl be abused in ways that are so unimaginable. But I have to say it was a well-acted movie. I have only seen three of the 10 nominated films of 2009. We have also watched The Hurt Locker and Up in the Air. And Precious has been the most worthy so far. Not that the other two weren't good. I liked Up in the Air--but not sure if it was really worthy of nomination. (The young woman in Up in the Air did an amazing job.) Then again I am not an awards show fan and think most of that is BS anyway. If I want to watch a movie, whether it was nominated or an award winner or not, I am gonna watch the movie.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was good to hear of your great send-off for Rebecca and Cyress.
I wish them the best! Today I saw Blind Side. It was terrific! Sandra Bullock did a great job!
Have a good week at work. It was good chatting with you. Hugs -M

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 7:25:00 PM  

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