Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Stress level rising ... quickly

I think today is just gonna be one of those days ...
Walking from the garage into the work building I nearly flung myself onto the stairs--likely face first. My heel got caught in my pant leg and I started to lunge forward. Luckily I only had my purse and it was on my shoulder. So I grabbed the railing and avoided a potential bad fall--twisted body parts, broken bones, blood etc. (not good right before you go on vacation). And I feel lucky that there were not witnesses, that I am aware of anyway.
I get into work, log on, make my coffee, get my cereal together and then it happens ... computer problems when IT is at at off-site. I had already predicted this. The one IT temp here came to take a look and finally just took my computer away. I am working on a laptop, which has some of what I need to do my job ... just not everything.
You know, I got lots to do before I go on vacation in a FEW DAYS!!!!!
I did get a lot done last night at home and I feel good about it. I am on track with work stuff--I think even despite my computer set back.
Anyway, on to work ...


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