Thursday, September 03, 2009

Trip photos

I have finally posted some pics from past trips.
New Orleans is right here. My friend Sue and I went to New Orleans in November. It was a quick planned trip. We had about 3 weeks to use up some plane tickets--and they were first class baby!
And Boston photos are here. Curt had a training in Wellesley--outside of Boston. We found out that Kate and Jason were going to be in Boston at that same time. And they had tickets for the same Sox game that Curt did. How crazy is that? Curt found me a super cheap flight. So I had to go. We met up with Kate and Jason (it was Jason's birthday) before the game and after.
I really loved Boston and would love to go back. We were there for a quick visit.

Ed and Marilyn come out tomorrow afternoon. We are planning on having sushi, going to Muir Woods, hitting and A's game on Sunday, etc. It should be a good visit.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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