Monday, September 14, 2009

Budapest update

Written: Monday, September 14 about 5:30 p.m. Budapest time; published: 9 p.m. Budapest time

I am writing this post on Mars Edit--where you can write a blog post now and post later. I also can post to all three blogs from one place. Anyway, I can write without being connected to the Internet. Internet access here is pretty spendy--so we figured out when we will pay for the 24-hour service--to maximize our need.

Flights and travel went smoothly. The only negative was that we had no in-flight entertainment. Which kinda sucked--but it will suck more if we don't have movies to watch on our way home (since we will be traveling during the day). British Airways gave us vouchers to make up for the fact that we had no entertainment. We are giving BA a second chance ...

We switched planes in London. We had to go back through security. When Curt and I put our stuff into the bins the security agent saw my Ziploc bag with liquids and said, that is lovely. Then she grabbed the bag and told all the people in line that this was a good example of how your liquids should be. I was a little proud. :)

At the airport we had an English breakfast. Yum! We got on our flight to Budapest and it was delayed because they had to change a tire or wheel or something. Curt and I couldn't help it and we zonked out.

Once we landed in Budapest we got an airport shuttle. We got to our lovely hotel, checked in. Then went for a walk and dinner. I had goulash and wine. It was good. Curt had a goulash soup and beer.

I was surprised at how well we slept. My norm in Europe is to zonk out about 10 p.m. and wide awake at 2 a.m. Last night I went to bed between 11 and 11: 30 along with half a sleeping pill. The first time I remember waking up it was 5 a.m. I woke up back and forth until I finally made myself get up at a little before noon. Yea, we slept a lot. But we got less than 4 hours of crappy sleep on the flight over.

We walked around and had some lunch. Then headed to the Budapest public market. (Curt took various video of the market.) That was really cool. Lots of stuff for sale: meats and salamis, spices (we are going back tomorrow to buy some), beautiful embroidery. Not the kind of markets or farmer's markets we are used to at all.

After the market we headed for a walk down to the river. Found a cafe and had a beer. It was a beautiful view and a nice relaxing spot. When we travel we really enjoy our cafe time.

We are back at the hotel relaxing and taking a break before we head out to dinner.


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