Monday, August 24, 2009

Hmmm, interesting ...

Today I attended training through the American Management Association--Transition into Management. The AMA is very organized and has a nice facility in the city. So far I am learning a lot and have met some interesting people. (Tomorrow is Day 2 and the final day.)
At the beginning of the training Angela--the trainer--had us all stand in a circle and say three things about ourselves that someone wouldn't know by just looking at you. It was interesting because we talked about non-work things, which I find kinda cool. There were 12 of us, 13 including Angela. I am almost 100% certain that everyone, including the instructor has children.
As my friend Alicia put it, us childfree by choice people are rare. :)

I realize I didn't explain the title to my post yesterday. We have a few neighbors who have some beautiful rose bushes that just grow like crazy. When I went to get my hair cut and run errands in the neighborhood I stopped ... and smelled the roses. A neighbor saw me and asked me if they smelled good. Anyway, it is a regular thing for me if they are in bloom. That's all. :)


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