Sunday, August 09, 2009

Weekend Wrapup

Work on Friday was kinda rough. My norm on Fridays after work is to hit yoga and then whatever after that, sometimes dinner with friends, sometimes a quiet night at home, etc.
Curt and I had plans with friends and they were all gonna meet at The Trappist kinda early. I got to the pub about 6 and got there right in time for the ordering of the cheese plate. We hung out with Andy and Ellen and Ellen's mom, Donna. After drinks we headed to dinner at Sushiya. Yum!
Saturday was the norm two hours at the gym. Afterward I hurried home to get Joey and take him back to the groomer. Last Saturday when I took him for a bath and mat removal Paul, the groomer, missed one.
After the groomer a little lounging and relaxing, then a few things around the house.
About 3 Mia and Lexi showed up. Mia hung out for a bit and then took off.
Lexi and I went to Bittersweet for a treat and to chat it up. Then we came back to the house and did some knitting. Lexi, 11, has been wanting to learn to knit. So for her birthday I gave her needles, yarn, bag, book and gift card to Joann's. I have to say Lexi picked up the casting on and knitting rather quickly. I was impressed.
Eventually we made homemade pizzas. Once the pizzas were ready for eats we put in Twilight. Lexi hadn't seen the movie and was looking forward to watching it. (And, I, of course, checked with Mia to make sure it was OK.) Lexi thought the movie was great and I think is crushin' on Edward as much as I am. Hee hee. :)
This morning Mia and Koko (family dog) came over about 10:15. Us girls and Koko headed out into the hood for brunch. We got a nice spot outside and had a yummy breakfast and as always a great chat.
I came home and took a nap. After my nap I headed for a much needed mani/pedi. On the way there I stopped at a shoe store to check out some new tennies. I didn't buy, but I have some ideas.
Once home I started some laundry and some more shredding. Our spare room is pretty much looking good and normal and under control. But there is still a lot of shredding to take care of. Still have a lot to do--but it is coming along.
Curt went to the pasta shop this afternoon and got us pasta and sauce for dinner. Just had that and a salad for dinner. YUmmy stuff.
Now I am in the spareroom/office shredding, drinking wine and watching SVU.
Hope you all had a good weekend.


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