Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I am always amazed ...

when we get to the middle of the week, then Thursday and then Friday.
For obvious reasons I am not a big fan of Mondays. And as I have said before I may work hard but I like the people I work with, my boss and the company I work for. Still no job is perfect.
Lately a big focus for me has been work/life balance. I think it is going pretty well. I do work 40+ hours a week--but with the things I am working on right now that is inevitable. And sometimes I do have to do a little work at home.
But I am still making it to the gym 5-6 times a week, I try to get out of the office for some sort of break (doesn't always happen), I make sure that every night I come home I just don't veg in front of the TV like a blob. I feel pretty accomplished with things personally: working on our spareroom/office at home and a few other areas of the house; reading up on becoming a supervisor; hanging out with friends; keeping up with Go Fit Girl!, trying to cook a decent meal a few times a week, etc.
Anyway, I still get a comment (not as in comments on my actual blog--remember, I like comments) in person or on the phone or whatever saying you haven't blog in awhile. Yup, the personal blogging just can't and won't be happening as often.
But just wait until next month when Curt and I head to Europe for his big birthday trip. You can follow all our fun via blog. And Curt set up a travelogue (which I will post the URL for eventually) where you can read, watch videos and look at pictures.
Happy Wednesday!


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