Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sometimes you gotta stop and smell the roses

This is the last of the lazy weekends for some time now. My grandpa will be here next weekend for a visit. Then the weekend after Ed and Marilyn. The weekend after that Curt and I take off for Europe. Woot-woot!
Then we are almost in October. We will be recovering from our trip the first weekend of October. Then the next weekend my mom and Fred are coming. Weekend after that my cousin Alison and her fiance, Marsh. Then a rest weekend: our anniversary and the following weekend: Halloween will also be a rest weekend. November is not quite as busy ... I won't bore you with the details there, but there is one trip to Missouri. And that brings us to the last month of the year. Yikes! We have my company holiday party, then Alison's wedding, then end of the year at work will be nuts. Then Christmas ...
Anyway, yesterday did my usual two hours at the gym, then got the hairs trimmed and ran a couple of errands. Curt and I had a late lunch at Ben and Nick's. Then a nap was in order for me (and Joey, too). Curt even shot video of us snoozing. (Check out the video on Joey's blog.) Lazy evening watching Coraline--which was pretty cute.
This morning I headed to Target to get the usuals ... toilet paper, garbage bags, toothpaste, etc. and then stuff for our upcoming trip. There were amazing sales at Target. If only I needed a mini fridge or microwave for my dorm room. After that to the grocery--typical stuff, plus stuff to refill our earthquake emergency kit. Hopefully I will never have to know what Hickory Smoked Spam tastes like.
Got some stuff done around the house: laundry, cleaning, going through the mail, paying bills, working on kitchen drawers and closets. Fun stuff.
Getting ready for my training in the city the next two days. Gonna try out my new backpack that has a nice padded holder jobie for my laptop.
Have a good week everyone.


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