Monday, May 25, 2009

Lazy, lazy, lazy

I think I redefined lazy this weekend. It was nice!
I think I gave a new meaning to watching lots of TV and movies and sleeping in and napping.
Though this afternoon I did clean the house, go grocery shopping (which I absolutely HATE) and made a pretty yummy and healthy dinner.
I think I encouraged my laziness because I know that it will be a busy four days at work. I have been keeping up with my e-mail. So I kinda have an idea of what is coming.
I actually got the pictures from Boston off the camera and onto iPhoto. But that is as far as I have gotten. Coming soon.But let me wrap up my trip for you ...
Saturday morning was another lazy morning. Curt and I checked out of our hotel and drove to Cambridge. We got some coffee and scones at what seemed like a hip and busy place. While Curt was finishing up I headed to the Curious George store. There was lots of fun kid stuff there.

I bought a few things, but tried not to go too nuts.
After that we did some walking around. Walked through Harvard. Kids were moving out of the dorms, so it was busy for a Saturday.
I had to go to Dunkin Donuts for my old fashioned. Can you believe those jerks were out!!??!! So I just got a coffee.
After a disappointing trip to DD Curt and I did a little more walking and then found a place for lunch, Christopher's, which was pretty good.
There was, of course, a DD across the street so we headed over there after lunch. And they had my doughnut. So I bought two.
There are no DDs anywhere near where I live. You can do a search on the Web site and the farthest you can look is 50 miles, not one within 50 miles of me. Sucks! But maybe that is best or else I would be eating those doughnuts all the time.
Curt and I headed to the airport after that. We were on different flights within 20 minutes of each other. We happened to be in the same terminal. So we both checked in (and I paid 15 bucks for my bag--so lame!!!!--if they didn't have the liquid restriction I coulda taken my suitcase on). After check-in we headed to an airport bar before heading to security separately.
Our flights were uneventful and we got home about 11:30 p.m.
I promise pictures coming soon.
Boston is a cool city and Curt and I are ready to go back.


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