Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Boston ... I couldn't think of a better hed

After a long day of travel I am in Boston, well, Wellesley, where Curt is having his training.
Tomorrow is Curt's last day of training. Then we will head to Boston for a few days. Tomorrow night is Fenway and we will meet up with Kate and Jason. 
My flight was pretty bumpy for some time. But other than that it was uneventful--how I like my flights. They showed Mall Cop--man, that was dumb. And then I fell asleep, so I wonder what happened?
I had lunch at SFO at a place called Mission Bar & Grill--in the American Airlines wing. I have to say that was the best service I have had in a long time. Customer service has gotten so crappy over the years.
I told the manager that it was amazing service and the hostess was awesome. He said I am not the first to comment on the service. He thanked me and told me next time I am there he will give me a discount. HA! Well, I think the last time I flew American I was in high school. But at the great rate I got out here to Boston I may be flying them again--plus they are partnered with Bristish Airways.


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