Thursday, June 19, 2008

On my soap box for a moment

Please take a moment to sign this petition, giving marriage equality to all.
If you don't agree with marriage equality for all I would personally rather not hear about it. Yes, I know all about First Amendment rights. And yes, I am exercising my rights right now. But I am tired of the hatred, stupidity and just plain ignorance on this subject.
No one has the right to tell two consenting adults they can't marry. Why is it OK for two people who barely know each other to marry without considering what they are really doing just because they are straight and they can? Why is it wrong for two people who are gay and love each other and have been partners for many years to marry?
OK, getting off my soap box. I just wanted to pass on this online petition. If you want to sign, great. It not, that is fine, too.

Check this out from The Daily Show.


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