Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back at work

Ho Hum. Guess you have to come back to work, eh? And at least it is already Tuesday. YEA!!!
On Sunday Curt and I headed to my grandpa's house for a visit. It was a really nice visit. We talked about gardening, beer, baseball, eye surgery, fishing, etc. (Pic of Grandpa and me above.)
Afterward Curt and I went to grab a quick lunch, Arby's. And I had to stop at Eegee's for a strawbeery drink. Got some for Mom and Fred, too.
After that to Mom and Fred's to hang out for a bit. We got to meet Cookie. That little dog is a crazy nut. She was so hyper. But she is pretty cute. (While hanging out in my mom's back yard I got 3 mosquito bites and I was wearing pants. Those little jerks love to chew on me!)


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