Sunday, May 04, 2008

I want to be a Geordie

After my last post Curt and I headed to Starbucks for coffee that won't drill a hole in your stomach. Then we headed to the Newcastle football stadium. We showed our memberships cards and got our free tickets for the tour. We checked in with the tour and were part of the red card group. The first group was the yellow card group. 
Our tour guide was Sue and she was really great. She was funny and absolutely loved telling us about the team and the stadium. It was a really cool tour. For someone who doesn't care too much about football I found it a lot of fun. I am glad we did it. We got to go into a box and look out onto the field, we went into the changing room (locker room), we went into the dug out, we also went into a childrens'/parents' area. They had a huge Connect Four game, XBox 360 and other cool stuff. The tour was super cool and we got a lot of great pics. 
After the tour we went into Shearer's bar (Alan Shearer is a former Newcastle football player) and had lunch and watched some football. After that we hit the "official store" and bought some stuff. Then we headed back to our room for a break.
At some point Curt found a chippy online, right behind our hotel and went and got himself some food. I had a little of it. Good and greasy fish, chips (fries) and mayo. I am thinking I may have that for lunch tomorrow.
I have actually started reading a book Mia lent me. I didn't think I would be reading much while on holiday. But sometimes you need a break (especially from the rain) and the TV here isn't that great. And this book is so good! I am reading My Sister's Keeper. If you haven't read it I highly recommend it. Very good, moving. 
Tomorrow is the football match. We will likely hit a pub or two before. And I plan on hitting the chippy for lunch. 
Tuesday we leave early on Ryan Air (Europe's version of Southwest) for Dublin. Our only real plan while in Dublin is hitting the Guinness brewery, get a tour and a pint. 


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