Sunday, February 10, 2008

We're home

Just got home. And I am beat.
Had a nice dinner last night. Tag met us but didn't feel well. So he didn't stay for dinner. Poor guy. I felt bad for him. And he couldn't exactly call in sick today. And it was a good thing he didn't. He tied for 9th. He played really well today.
So Curt and I dined together. Our server, Michelle, was sweet on Curt. He was charmed by it. We had a delicious dinner in Carmel. We are thinking of spending a weekend in Carmel sometime soon. We walked around a little before dinner. There is a lot of art and a lot of jewelry for sale. After dinner we just headed back to our hotel. I took some Nyquil and passed out. (I am pretty much over my cold--mostly just snotty.)
We checked out early this morning to meet Tag for his 8:05 tee time. Right before he started to play he saw us in the crowd and waved and told us he was feeling better. We were glad to hear that. We felt bad that he couldn't stay for dinner. But we completely understood.
We followed him all day. He played well and it was fun to cheer him on.
The weather both days was beautiful. A little windy at times. But for the most part gorgeous.
Pebble Beach is a gorgeous course. With the beach and ocean as a backdrop. Wow. It was really beautiful.
We did a lot of walking. A lot more yesterday since Tag started on the 10th hole. Today he started at the first hole. My feet were sore yesterday. I wore my Uggs. Probably not the best choice in shoes. But better than some of the ridiculous shoes some women were wearing. There were those that were teetering around in the high, high heels. *Rolling my eyes.*
Oh, I forgot to take a ballcap with me. So I had to buy one ... for 30 bucks! But it is a cool souvenir.
I am happy to be home. I am doing some laundry and gonna lay around a bit and then get ready for my week.

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