Saturday, February 02, 2008

Abs of something

So this morning at the gym I took an ab/core 30 minute class. Before that I worked on the elliptical for 30 minutes. That ab/core class was killer. I will definitely be taking it again. I liked the teacher--she told us, do what you can, rest, and do more. She never made me or anyone push harder than we should. We worked a lot with the balls. I am not the most graceful or balanced person--so I was giggling a few times.

As soon as I got home it started raining again. I don't have a ton planned for this weekend since we were in Tahoe last weekend and next weekend we are going to Monterey. I have already gotten our spare room/office in order for when my mom visits. I need to finish knitting my brother's Christmas present. Yes, I am still working on a throw for him. He knows about it. And I have kinda been slacking lately. But really, I am almost done with it.

I signed up for an online Trademark training that I think I am gonna listen to today. I am not exactly sure how long it is. But it can't be more than a couple of hours.

OK, I am off to do some more learning. I hope my brain can handle it after all the Excel training I got this week from LearnIT.

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