Monday, February 11, 2008

Pretty as a picture

HA! That's how Tag described Curt and me out in the gallery (is that the right word for a golf crowd?) yesterday supporting him.

Speaking of pictures ... I was happy to hear yesterday that the writers' strike is over. For very selfish reasons of course. I do think people should be paid what they are worth--but they aren't and unfortunately that is just part of life. I mean, look at teachers. Teachers should get what baseball players get paid ... Anyway, just glad to know that my shows will be back on in 4-6 weeks.
Meanwhile, Curt and I have been catching up on The Office and Extras. Extras is hilarious. I am not a fan of British humor--but this stuff is just downright funny! There are only two seasons of Extras--but it is hilarious. Rent it. I have also been watching The L Word. It is good and girly. I am no prude, but man, there is a lot of sex in that show. Almost to the point where it seems unnecessary. I wonder what crowd they are trying to appeal to? Straight men? Gay women? Straight women?

I am back at work today and I am completely overwhelmed. I was out sick Wednesday and at training Thursday and Friday. I had a to do list for myself for this week. Not sure when I will get to that since I have piles and piles of stuff on my desk. And that is literal!
Have a good week everyone!

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