Monday, February 18, 2008

Just took Mom to the airport

So I just got back from taking Mom to the airport. We had a great visit.
Saturday after our mani/pedis we came home and had yummy dinner. Then just relaxed. We watched "Gone Baby Gone." Eh! It was OK. The plot is weird. But Casey Affleck did a good job.
Sunday morning we got ready for Tamale Fest 2008. Everyone who said they were coming did. It was a lot of fun. We made so many tamales. Everyone got to try some and take some home. Tamale Fest 2008 was a big hit.
Sunday evening we just lounged. And we did the same today. Mom and I watched a Law & Order marathon.
It was a great visit. I love how we can just watch Lifetime or Law & Order or whatever and chat and have fun. Mom, you are welcome back anytime.

I will be posting more on Tamale Fest 2008. I took pics and so did others. And Jennifer took notes. So I will post the instructions at some point. They are actually pretty easy to make.


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