Saturday, February 16, 2008

So not cool at all!

Yesterday went really well at work. I got everything done that I absolutely had to. And actually got a few other things done, too. It was quite a productive day with very few interruptions.
I left about 2 to head home to hang with my mom.
I am sitting at a light not to far from work. I was in the right lane. From that lane you can go straight or get onto the freeway. So I am sitting there waiting for the light to change so I can go straight. There was a truck behind me. All of a sudden CRUNCH. He hits me! I look in my rearview mirror at him, make eye contact. He has to go in reverse to get off the car. The light turns green and since we would totally be in the way for people getting on the freeway I figured we should move and go to a parking lot since I knew there couldn't be that much damage. I start to pull forward I look back and the guy is getting on the freeway!!!! I stop and kind of motion to him, like, what the HELL!!!! He continues on. He was at a weird angle so unfortunately I couldn't get his license plate. But I was able to to read the name of the company from the side of the truck. I get to the parking lot and am shaking--mad and a little scared. I called Curt to tell him what happened. He asked if I got any info. I told him what I read from the side of the truck. He told me to go home, call our insurance and he would do some research.
There is not a lot of damage to the car. The back bumper is scrapped up with his paint, the paint on our car's bumper is scrapped off in some places and there is some part that is smashed up a little.
So I got home called the insurance and got an appointment for Tuesday to get it fixed. Geico is awesome. When I get to the auto body place on Tuesday I will have an appt. and then there will be a rental car waiting for me. They will fix the car. Once it is ready I will come back to the body shop and return the rental car and get our car back. Man, talk about service!
Korey, the Geico person I was dealing with, asked me if I had any info on the person who hit me. At that point Curt had found some info online and sent it to me. So I gave him what we knew.
Korey called them after he and I hung up. The manager he spoke with was not nice, apparently there was some cussing. But the manager did say he would check the lot. Korey called me back to tell me all this like 10 mins. after he and I gotten off the phone the first time. He said he would give the company a couple of days and then call back. He will try at different times of the day to see if he can get a different manager.
I have to say Geico rocks!
So after all that crap Mom and I headed to Mi Tierra to pick up the masa and other supplies. She had headed to Safeway earlier in the day to pick up the meat.
When Mom and I got home Curt had just arrived.
We had originally planned to have dinner with Mia and her family. But unfortunately Mia got sick. Ugh, man it is going around. So we decided to eat at Trattoria La Siciliana last night. We got there early and had a wonderful feast. The food there is always delicious.
When we got home I watched Mom prepare the pork in the crock pots for cooking overnight. Man, it smells good.
So other than my fender bender it has been a great time so far.


Blogger Kate Gardiner said...

that sucks!!! at least it was a company instead of a private individual.have fun with your mom!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008 10:03:00 AM  
Blogger Jodie said...

yikes! i'm glad you're OK. i've had two hit-and-runs and pretty much a third one because the guy stopped but he didn't have any car insurance. anyway, glad the damage is minor and that you're OK. i hope they find the bastard!

Saturday, February 16, 2008 12:11:00 PM  

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