Monday, February 25, 2008

Good and lazy weekend

Friday night Curt and I went to Becky and Cyrus' for dinner. They had some other people over. I think there were 11 of us total. Great food and a lot of fun. Becky and Cyrus used the left over masa to make tortillas. They were really good. It was an experiment at first. But once it was figured out they were great. My salsa was a hit. And by the time dinner was ready we were out. Usually when I make two batches it is too much. And if I just make one batch it isn't enough! Oh well.
Saturday I did absolutely nothing. Well, if you count taking naps and watching TV all day something then that is what I did. Oh, and I knitted one row on my brother's throw. I just gotta buck down and finish that thing.
Sunday Curt headed out super early to take the SnowBomb bus up to Tahoe with Cyrus to snowboard/ski. Mia and I headed to the Claremont spa. I got a massage and Mia got a facial. My massage was wonderful. I always know I keep my tension up in my shoulders. But I could really tell this time. My massage therapist wanted to work on my back and shoulders for another hour. I told her I had lunch plans with a friend. Plus, those massages aren't cheap. I will probably go back next month. (I got 2 gift certificates for Christmas there.) After our appts. Mia and I had lunch at the Paragon--restaurant in the Claremont. We both asked for our leftovers to go. For some reason the guy didn't hear me and dumped mine. No biggie. I probably shouldn't eat it anyway. So our server comes over and asks if he really dumped my food. She then goes on and on to complain about him. That was a little weird. So we both got free dessert--which I really didn't need. I got some crazy cookie ice cream sandwich thing. I, of course, ate it right when I got home.
I did some more napping, cleaned the place up a little, paid some bills and watched some more TV. Curt didn't get home until a little after 10. I stayed up to wait for him. But I was fading quickly.
And I am happy to say I went back to the gym today--yoga class. It was a little tough since I haven't been there in 2 weeks. But I am glad to be back baby!


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