Friday, January 04, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring--updated

Man, it is pouring out there and really windy. It started raining about noon yesterday--nothing too bad. Then last night it really started pouring. It was so loud I slept so badly. Then about 4:45 our electricity went out. Great! So I got up to find my cell phone and set the alarm. I went back to bed. I was gonna go to my yoga class this morning but I was so exhausted from the bad sleep that I decided to try to sleep until 8 and be at work about 9. On the radio this morning they mentioned we had already gotten 3 inches of rain. And before the storms go away we could get up to 8-10 inches by early next week. Story here.
Curt is working from home today. Just easier than trying tackle the storm to get to work. He lent me his REI rain coat. I need to get one. I have a rain coat. But in heavy rain that thing gets soaked. Curt's rain coat kept me nice and dry. Luckily at work there is garage parking. But today is our work Legal "holiday" lunch and we will have to battle some weather then.
Happy Friday!

This storm is getting nuts. One bridge has closed. Parts of freeways are closing. Winds are crazy. At work I am on the 12th floor and I guess some people can feel the floor swaying. A conference room windows were leaking. Some dangly light fixtures at work were swaying earlier.
Curt just told me our windows at home are leaking so our landlord is coming over.
HR sent an e-mail earlier pretty much saying if you need to go home because of the weather talk to your supervisor and go home. Luckily I am close to home and I shouldn't encounter too many problems.
Some winds are 70 mph in certain areas. This is nuts: As much as 8 inches of rain have fallen in the past 24 hours in some parts of the Bay Area.
The rains are supposed to continue. But apparently today is the worst of it--so that is some good news. And we have really needed the rain--it has been a slow rainy season this year.


Blogger Curt said...

That's the coat Ed & Marilyn bought for me when I lived in Portland.

Thanks folks!

Friday, January 04, 2008 11:19:00 AM  

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