Saturday, January 12, 2008

2008 travel begins

Shortly I will be heading to the airport (Oakland) to fly to Phoenix. I will be in town for the weekend to celebrate little Mr. Oliver's first birthday. I can't believe that was a year ago. I can't wait to see him. He is so cute. I love keeping up with his blog.
I will be back Monday evening. I will likely blog a time or two while away.
But to keep you entertained until then you can read my 2007 reflections. I copied this idea from Jen.

2007 Reflections


My brother, John, had emergency gall bladder surgery. He did well with the surgery and the recovery. What a relief!
Sweet Oliver (aka Starbean) was born Jan. 13 in Phoenix. Congrats to our good friends Robert and Leah!
Curt and I headed to Tucson for the UA/N. Carolina basketball game. It was nationally televised and a huge deal. Arizona ended up losing by something like 28 points. It was horrible. It was my Grandpa Frank's first time at McKale Center.


Onyx Pharmaceuticals had great news about its drug, Nexavar, and a liver cancer trial: Nexavar shown to significantly extend survival for patients with advanced liver cancer, Trial to be stopped early based on positive outcome. This was great news for my company and liver cancer patients.
Angela and Michael came for a visit.
Curt and I spent a wonderful week in Maui. It was so beautiful and relaxing. We had such a great time. We can't wait to go back.


I went to Phoenix to visit Oliver for the first time. He was 7 weeks and a cute little blob. It was great to see all my friends, too.
Cody Busch was a young man my family knew since before he was born. Unfortunately, he was found dead in a lake. He had been missing a week before he was found. A true tragedy.
Curt had another birthday.
I got a promotion at work from Administrative Legal Assistant to Senior Administrative Assistant, Legal & Compliance.
I also started working out--just walking the first 4 weeks.


My mom had minor surgery--she had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If she didn't have the surgery she would have lost the use of her thumb. The surgery went well and her recovery went much faster than anticipated.
We were without hot water for a couple of days. I tried to take a freezing cold shower and that sucked.
We bought a new flat screen 42" plasma TV.
In my exercise regime I decided I needed to run. I ended up hurting my knee. I took Aleve for the first time and it was wonderful for injuries like that. I slowly rehabed myself and decided I didn't need to run, especially since I kinda hate it.
Joey turned 13.
Some crazy person drove his gas truck or whatever and crashed and had a big explosion. And part of a critical part of a freeway was just gone.


Curt and I put in our very first garden.
Erica and Casey were in town for Casey's niece's graduation. They stayed with us. We were able to do some hanging out.
Attended a tea party for Mia's birthday. That was a lot of fun. Yummy teas and finger sandwiches. So fun and girly.
Old Salem buddy Jay was in town. We got to see him briefly for dinner and hanging out for a few hours.
Curt and I hit Portland for Memorial Day Weekend. We stayed with our friends the Klotters. We also had dinner at Montage with Aaron, Jim & Stephanie and Kristin. I LOVE Montage. Annie had a birthday party at the Portland Zoo.
We hooked up with Dan for dinner. Dan lives in Salem--but was in the Bay Area while we were in Oregon.
I made my goal weight with WW on May 30, 2007. (Curt sent me some lovely daisies to congratulate me.)


Republic buddy Jodie was in town. We had dinner one night with her and two of her friends in North Beach. Good times.
Old high school friend Ilysha and her husband were in town. Her husband, Eric, is a comedian/magician. We attended a dinner theater to watch him perform. It was realy cool. Our friend Edwin, who also lives in the Bay Area, came, too, with his girlfriend. We had a lot of fun.
Ed came out for a visit. We actually got to be with both of our dads on Father's Day. That was pretty cool.
Tomato plants grow like crazy!
Attended the San Francisco Pride Parade with my friend Mia. Man, it was so much fun. My first time.
The admin group at work had an off-site. It was an amazing experience. After the two days we were different. We all had a different relationship with each other and I still think that exists six months later.
I joined the gym, Mavericks.


Little tomatoes start growing on our tomato plants in our garden.
I became a lifetime member of Weight Watchers on July 6, 2007.
The admin group at work started their first round of Secret Pal. My first S.P. was so excited about it. The first three days I got a gift every day. Doing S.P. was a lot of fun.
We hit Vegas for Jim and Jennifer's wedding at the Little Chapel of the West. It was so freakin hot. But we had a really fun time at the wedding and for the weekend.
Curt's parents dog, Bear, went to heaven. He was a great dog and has been missed.
We had a good-sized earthquake. When it woke us up around 4:40 in the morning I thought it was the big one. It was long and violent.
Tomatoes got much bigger on our tomato plants.
Took my first Kickboxing class, which kicked my butt. Two days later I could barely walk. I was in some pain.


Poff family trip at Glacier National Park to celebrate Marilyn's 60th and Grandma Phyllis' 80th. We spent 5 days in Glacier. We had such a great time. It was a lot of fun to be with the whole family. Curt and I headed north for a few days on our own on the Canadian side--Waterton. The Prince of Wales lodge was gorgeous. It was a nice and relaxing week. We had no cell service, TV or Internet. It was nice and weird. We pretty much had no idea what was going on in the world for a week.
Erica and Casey got engaged. Congrats guys!
Red tomatoes on our tomato plants. Woo-hoo!
Meet up with old friends: Curt's friend Rachel from Portland and my friend Bridgette from Tucson. Bridgette and I had just found out we both lived in the Bay Area.
I ate the first 3 red tomatoes from our plants.
Oliver came to visit me the last day of August. He was here for Labor Day Weekend. After work I met Robert, Leah and Oliver at Cato's Alehouse.


Continued visit with Oliver. We had a great visit with the Beckidads. Oliver is such a good baby. He rarely every cried--usually just if he was hungry. He was so happy most of the time. What a great little guy he was.
Curt and I attended Kate and Jason's wedding in Westbrook, CT. It was a beautiful wedding and a great weekend.
Curt and I are overwhelmed with tomatoes. We are giving them away like crazy. Even strangers see Curt with homegrown tomatoes in a plastic bag and actually ask for some.
First round of Secret Pal was revealed. Mary was mine--she was a wonderful S.P. I was Graciela's. Graciela had no idea I was hers. Woo-hoo! It made me happy when she said she felt like her S.P. really knew her.
Alex Marvin was born in Salem to parents Stefanie and Aaron. Congrats!
Curt and I saw the New Pornographers in concert.
Don and Annie Klotter came to visit us from Portland. We had a good time with them in Chinatown and Stanford for football.
Jalapenos started growing in our garden. Very exciting news.


Round 2 of Secret Pal at work started.
I had a birthday--the big 33--age of Christ. (As Leah pointed out, Christ didn't have a jumping castle for his 30th. Or did he?)
The outside of my mom's house was filmed for a movie called "Fable."
I had a pedi party with some of my girlfriends. People still talk about what a great party idea that was. It was a blast.
Our car had "software issues" and at first we couldn't get the car out of our parking spot. Next day a way better tow truck driver came and got it out--bumped it a little. But that was the least of my worries.
Curt headed to Toronto for a conference for about 5 days.
I started my Patent Paralegal Course.
Curt and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.
Had a fun night with my friend Alex giving out candy on Halloween. There were some great costumes and some funny kids. I had a blast.


Second Round of Secret Pals revealed. Viengna was mine. And I was Danielle's.
For the first time ever I exercised some Onyx stock options. It was scary and exciting.
Curt and I noticed our first and only green bell pepper in our garden.
We got a new iMac. Woo-hoo!
Curt and I headed to Tucson for Thanksgiving. We had a nice visit. And surprisingly it was stress-free.
I took over the food drive at work. I enjoyed it and really encouraged some good donations.


I realized when Curt moved all of our stuff from our PC to our new iMac that my Excel spreadsheet of addresses was lost. I am still working on getting addresses. I think it is almost back to where it was.
Onyx had their holiday party. It was at the Dunsmuir, which was beautiful. It was a good party, great food and a fun time. I am still miffed that I didn't win a raffle prize. Oh well. :)
My cousin Alex came for a visit for about 5 days.
I collected almost $1,200 for the work toy drive. I was able to get a lot of great toys. All 4 bins were overflowing when they were picked up.
Stef and Jim came to stay with us for a night on the way to San Diego.
I got 11 days off from work--Onyx for the first time gave employees the week off between Christmas and New Year's.
Curt and I celebrated Christmas on our own. We did Christmas Eve just the two of us. Christmas morning we talked to all of our family. Then in the afternoon we headed to an open house hosted by our friends Alexa and Darius.
We had a fun and safe New Year's Eve at Mia and Todd's. It was a lot of fun.
I had a good and not very productive 11 days off from work. I did stuff with friends and just relaxed. Didn't go to the gym as much as I had planned. Oh well.

Here's to a great 2008!


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