Monday, December 21, 2009

I have nothing ...

to knit, wrap, package, etc. I got home from work about 6:30 tonight.
I am not sure if I know what to do with myself.
I can read more of my fave holiday read, The Stupidest Angel. Good stuff!
What I did do is finally upload and post pics from last weekend:

Quick Tucson weekend recap:
Got in Friday night and headed to the Arizona Inn to unwind and relax. We had planned to hit the Buffet. But we got in a little later than expected and were tired. And after spending almost 22 bucks at the San Diego airport for two drinks ...
Saturday morning Curt and I headed to brunch at the Arizona Inn. It was about 10:40 or so and no one else was out there. We had a nice meal and relaxed and had some good coffee. Then back to the room. I got ready for the pool and Curt took off to run an errand. For about an hour I was the only one lounging at the pool.
A little after 2 I went back to the room to get ready for the wedding.
Ali and Marsh got married at Corona Ranch near Sabino Canyon. Absolutely gorgeous setting. The ceremony was short and sweet. I barely had time to cry.
The food was amazing. I am not sure which I liked best, the tamales or the tortillas. I loved the tortillas so much that I swiped two. Even after being in my purse and a few days old they were still delish when I made Curt and myself cheese crisps Wednesday night.
We gave my grandpa his Christmas present at the wedding: a can of Budvar all the way from Prague. He carried that thing around like it was his baby. It was quite entertaining. Thanks to Curt for bringing all the way back from Prague. We bought two cans. But only one came back to the States.
Wedding was a great party.
Sunday another yummy brunch. Then we headed to Eegee's so I could get my strawberry drink. Then on to Mom's to visit with Grandma and also Uncle Mike and Francine and Frank. It was a nice visit with everyone and then off to the airport. Curt and I volunteered to bump to a later flight for some pretty sweet vouchers. And, of course, we are already planning on how to spend them.


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