Monday, March 16, 2009

Ugh, it's Monday already

The weekend just flies by way too fast--especially when you work part of it.
This weekend was pretty low-key.
I started a new knitting project: slipper socks. They kinda look like ballet shoes. I am almost done with one. I dropped a stitch and had to rip it out and start over. But I think they are gonna be really cute.
Saturday morning I hit the gym, then came home and lounged and napped and watched movies (Rails & Ties and The Asylum) and knitted.

Sunday morning Curt and I had an appointment with a Realtor. Yup, a Realtor. We are looking to buy a house. The biggest thing we have ever purchased is a car, so this is a little scary. But Eric is not a pushy guy and wants to make sure we find something we are all happy and comfortable with.
I think the hardest change we have to make is really looking at our spending. There will be no extra trips this year, except for the ones already planned. (Unless, of course, someone else wants to foot the bill.)
After our meeting with Eric we headed home. I had a quick lunch and then headed to work for a couple of hours, then the grocery (which is one of my most dreaded chores).
The rest of the day was loungy with a nap and some knitting thrown in.


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