Friday, July 04, 2008

Good visit so far ...

Wednesday night we had a good time at the Giants game. 
Then Thursday Jackie and I headed to the gym in the morning. We came home and got ready. Then headed to Scharffen Berger for a tour and then lunch with Mia at Cafe Cacao. The tour was pretty cool and we got to taste some chocolate. Yummy. After we met Mia at the restaurant for lunch. It was a nice lunch and visit. 
Then we headed to Target to pick up a few things. Unfortunately the cart escalator was broken!
At 2 p.m. we had an appointment at Tootsies for mani/pedis. I wasn't able to try any cute shoes on since I didn't want to mess up my toes. Dang! Probably good for the wallet though. Afterward we walked around the hood and did a little shopping. Then back to the house. Curt met us on the street. He got off work early and had come out to look for us. We had dinner at Sushiya. Good sushi as always. Then we took a driving tour to show Jackie some stuff. We walked around the Berkeley campus a little bit. 
I got up a little early this morning and went to yoga. It was a great workout. And then at the end of class Ajaia announced that she is leaving. That is the third yoga teacher to leave. And I really like Ajaia and her teaching style. It is a lot different than a typical yoga class. I am really going to miss her and her classes. I hope they find a good replacement. She really challenges me and has encouraged me to some positions I probably wouldn't have done on my own. 
Late morning we headed to the city. We hit Chinatown for cheap crap to buy and appetizers. Then lunch in North Beach. After that we headed to Haight and Ashbury. We hung out and had some coffee. Then to Golden Gate Park for some people watching. 
Now we are lounging and having some snacky snacks and a little dinner.


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