Thursday, June 26, 2008

What??!! No ketchup??!!

Last night Curt and I attended an A's game with some friends. I have never had to stand in a real line before just to get into the ballpark. I find the gang, sit for a bit and then decide to go get some food. I stood in line FOREVER for my beer, 2 $1 hot dogs and peanuts. Then I go for condiments. There is a super long line there, too. Good Lord! Then I hear there is no ketchup. Screw that! So I head to a different area thinking the lines will be shorter and condiments flowing. Well, I found a shorter condiment line. But it still took forever. The two guys in front of me had like 8 dogs each. And they slowly unwrapped each one and daintily put the toppings on. At that point Curt came looking for me. (I had been gone about an hour. And didn't take my phone with me.) Eventually one of the guys is just standing there in the way. (I and the 2 women behind me were laughing at them slowly putting their condiments on their dogs.) So I ask the guy, Are you done? Yes. So he moves and I slap on relish and onions. No ketchup left and I hate regular mustard.
I still had a fun night at the game. I was prepared with my cozy and warm A's blanket. The A's played horribly and got whooped on their home field as I heard one little kid say.


Yesterday on a lunch break I went to the jewelry store to get my 6-month warranty inspection on my engagement ring. He asked if I wanted the scratches buffed out. Sure. Only problem is white gold eventually turns back into yellow gold. So it looks cheap. I didn't know that white gold was actually yellow gold with some sort of chemical reaction. I found somewhat of an explanation online about this process. Then we looked at my wedding band and realized it need to be zapped back to white gold, too. All of this is covered under my warranty so it is all free. I am just ringless for about 10 days. It feels weird.

I took a pic of my hand at the BART station waiting for a train to take me to the A's game.


Blogger Ollie said...

Yummm, in Phx they have jalapeƱos, but pappa won't let m eeat them yet

Saturday, June 28, 2008 9:23:00 PM  
Blogger hollibobolli said...

We actually are out of ketchup in our HOUSE!!!

I've finally hit the phase where it feels strange to not wear my ring - it used to bother me at night, but now I sleep in it.. and it doesn't even swell my finger. I see the ring-line!

Sunday, June 29, 2008 10:02:00 AM  

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