Sunday, March 09, 2008

My cat is smarter than your honor student

I saw that on a bumper sticker today while walking to Galaxy Nails to get a mani/pedi (badly needed). The bumper sticker had me laughing, so I thought I would share.

Yesterday went to the gym for the elliptical and then the evil abs/core class. I will have abs of steel. We do a lot of work with the ball. After the gym I headed to work to meet with our patent consultant to go over some patent stuff. I have pretty much had no time to work on anything patent-related. Luckily Winsome is patient with me and really shows me how to do things. Once we have a new admin I can really focus on my patent work and feel comfortable doing it all on my own.
After work came home and did a little more house cleaning. (Also did some Friday night. Our house was a total mess.)
Curt and I watched Eastern Promises last night. Eh. There was not a lot of violence--but when there was it was pretty gory. I pretty much like Viggo Mortensen in anything I have seen him in. And I liked him with the Russian accent. I don't know. The plot was bleh. I have also been catching up on Season 4 of The L Word. I think it is currently in Season 5. So I am almost caught up. Then I will have to find another show to start watching before my shows come back on next month.
Today got my mani/pedi. Curt and I went to REI and North Face outlet. We used our 20% coupon to buy me a new suitcase for our England/Ireland trip next month. This bag is much lighter and easier to handle than my current suitcase. I also got a nice wind breaker at the North Face outlet. While we were standing in line I heard a guy trying to return shoes he had already worn. Dude!
Anyway, I started cleaning my closet earlier and I should finish that up.
Oh, so far so good with the time change. Usually I am all messed up. We will see how tomorrow goes.


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