Monday, October 15, 2007

OK, not so great service

The tow truck guy came yesterday and he COULDN'T tow the car. He couldn't get it started and the steering wheel is locked. So no luck. So Curt called the 24-hour service back. He pretty much demanded they come out and look at the car today--which was yesterday. He was very stern--I was proud! Anyway, so they said they would try. Phone calls and phone calls later and nothing. They told us we would have to call our service people in the morning.
So that is what I did. At 7:05 a.m. I called the Volvo service station. I explained the situation. The guy told me I had to get the car to the dealership for it to be worked on. I re-explained that I already tried to do that and couldn't. The guy, we'll call him Joe, said I needed to call the service back and have them send someone else out. I told Joe that my husband was on the phone all day with the 24-hour service people and eventually they told us to call our Volvo service in the morning. So Joe told me he would talk to his supervisor when they got in in a couple of hours and see if they can send a tech out. I sure hope so. We have had good luck with our car and Volvo service so far. I want to keep it that way.
So I took BART to work this morning. Well, part of the way. From the BART station I planned to take a cab or the free shuttle service called Emery Go Round. The shuttle was there right away so I just took that. And it was Watergate Express. So it didn't make any stops until the area I work in called Watergate Towers. I was very impressed--but hopefully I won't have to take it too much more this week.


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