Monday, July 14, 2008

Low-key but good weekend

I worked from home Friday morning. Then a little after 2 p.m. my co-worker/friend Alonzo picked me up and we were on our way to Livermore. The drive wasn't too bad. Only one point we were in heavy traffic. And that cleared up pretty quickly.
We arrived at the winery (Garre Winery) about 3:30. Alonzo hadn't had lunch yet so we turned around and hit Jack in the Box since we had an hour (or so we thought). We got to our seats about 4:10 or so and then noticed on the program that the wedding started at 5 p.m. Sneaky! It was a little warm but we survived.
The ceremony was really cool. The bride and bridesmaids danced down the aisle. And there were African drummers and dancers. They were fantastic.
The party was a lot of fun. Had a great time dancing.


I went to spin class again. My teacher told me I am getting better. I felt better about the class. After spin I took the abs/core class. I am still feeling the exercises we did. It hurts to cough.
After the gym I came home and relaxed, watched some Weeds and The Wire. I also made myself a big ol' salad for lunch with tomatoes and broccoli from our garden. Yum!
Saturday night we headed to Phil and Lisa's and picked up Phil and went to their church Fried Chicken and Margarita dinner. (Lisa was already there.) The chicken was so yummy. I saw the guy in the back frying up the chicken. Good stuff! Phil's parents and sister and her family came. They were a lot of fun. Poor Lisa ended up working the whole event. At one point Curt, Phil and I headed back to their place. Eventually Lisa came home. Phil was instructed to give us drinks so that we would stay and visit and then get to hang out with Lisa.


Curt and I headed to the Apple store at Bay St. that morning. Curt got in the long line. I headed to the gym. I came back a little more than an hour later and he was getting closer. He upgraded to the newest iPhone. I have decided to wait a little bit before I upgrade. After about 3 hours Curt was the owner of the latest iPhone. It has some pretty nifty features.
After the purchase we headed home and then to Ben & Nick's for lunch. The rest of the day was a loungy kind of day. I did a little work. (Still had some to finish that I didn't get done Friday.) I watched a mini Law and Order: SVU marathon. And I couldn't believe it. But at least two of the episodes I hadn't seen before. I also started knitting a baby blanket. This is the second of 4 I am making this year.


Blogger Jodie said...

Lots of babies!

I've heard spin is really hard, so I'm impressed that you're doing it.

Monday, July 14, 2008 12:27:00 PM  

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